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Wave of burglary hits Price businesses

Sun Advocate associate editor

An unknown number of Carbon County businesses have been burglarized and robbed over the past two weeks as Price City, Carbon County and Utah State public safety officials work to nail down the evidence needed to break an epic crime spree.

Over the past 14 days a nearly silent burglar has pilfered Price City from Westwood and Castleview Hospital through Main Street and into Cedar Hills.

"In my 30 year law enforcement career I have never seen anything like this," said Price City Police Capt. Bill Barnes. "I have never seen a robbery to this extent."

While Barnes would give no details concerning any of the specific robberies, he did comment that the criminal or criminals are taking whatever is available and are not shy about hitting different types of locations.

Most recently, Apple Country Crafts and an Allstate Insurance Office were targeted.

During the June and July robberies, those involved have entered doctors' and dentist's offices as well as retail shops, showing that they have at least cursory knowledge of silent entrance and alarms.

When the business plaza was robbed at 150 South, 700 East, the assailants were able to pop the doors on all seven businesses within and target a specific item.

"They went straight for the cash as far was we can see," said one of the business owners. "They didn't mess with our stuff, it seemed as though once they walked directly to the till."

When asked if drugs have been pointed to as a motive for the crimes, Barnes said he would not comment.

While police won't talk about whether this is a crew or single burglar, Barnes did admit that several pieces of incriminating evidence had been collected by the cooperative team working the crimes. State lab officials are now reviewing said evidence as they work to build a case against those responsible.

The Price Captain stated that while the incidents are occurring, local officers are increasing their patrols, conducting a great deal of interviews and waiting for their evidence to come back.

"The one thing I would ask of the public is that if you see something strange going on, call us, we would be more than happy to have your help in ending this rash of theft," said Barnes.

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