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'No Grave Unadorned' enters its final phase

Mario Dicaro decorates graves at Price Cemetery.

Last weekend the project to place at least one flower on the estimated 40,000 graves in Carbon and Emery counties has moved to a new level, both in the making of the flowers and the placing of them on graves.

On Wednesday the drive for flower making reached the goal of 40,000 as flowers continued to come into the Sun Advocate office.

It's now estimated that as many as 1,000 people have been involved in the making of the plastic flowers for graves over the last few months. Now some of them, along with other volunteers, are placing flowers throughout this week on graves, just in time for Memorial Day.

Many of the outlying cemeteries have already been decorated and many more will be done by sundown on Saturday.

Information about what is left to do will be posted on the Sun Advocate's Facebook page at / on Friday evening. If needed a final push to finish all the placement will take place on Saturday morning. It is anticipated that by then the Price City Cemetery will be finished, but there may be other small projects to finish in other cemeteries. If so the Sun Advocate will have a truck in the parking lot at 8 a.m. waiting for volunteers to come by and pick up flowers to finish that cemetery. Sun Advocate personnel will be there to help and also to provide any volunteers who show up information about other cemeteries that might still need a little attention.

And for those that still have flowers out, please bring them in by the end of this week.

Once again it appears that Carbon County volunteerism has shown through, with work and respect for those that have gone before us and built this community.

For more information about helping out contact Jenni Fasselin at 637-0732.

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