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Letter to the Editor: Not the best practice

By Pete Lionakis


As an avid gardener who has experimented with many different compost recipes over the last 12 years I enjoyed reading Home Remedies for Lawn and Garden Problems in the May 8 Sun Advocate.

However, adding pet feces to your backyard compost pile is not a good idea. There are commercial composters with huge piles that heat well over 140 degrees capable of cooking poop or do it yourself dog feces composters that take over a year to use the end product.

But for the small average size 4X4X4 composter like myself or most backyard gardeners dog poop is a no no. Starting with the fact it's listed as a contaminant by the EPA it contains the following: roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, ecoli,guardia and salmonella to list a few that are dangerous to humans.

Your backyard compost pile could reach a temperature of 140 degrees to 160 degrees needed to cook these parasites but it will most likely be closer to the 120 to 130 degree range.

Also, as you water your compost some of this stuff leaches out to the edge of the pile and is not cooked at all. Simply, just consider what you want nestled up againt your lettuce or cucumbers.

Composted or not, dog poop with all its toxic hitchhikers is not a good option for me.

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