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Letter to the Editor: Hinkins right, Anderson wrong

By Joe Andrade
Salt Lake City


Thanks to the Sun Advocate for the story on April 22 concerning the Hinkins-Anderson talks with the Chamber of Commerce.

Hinkins was right when he stated '...the state seems so concerned about air pollution yet they continue to grow the economy only along the Wasatch Front where the most pollution and congestion already exists. ...maybe the state should start to look at spreading some of that expansion toward the rural areas where congestion and air pollution are not problems.'

Given the air and congestion problems along the Wasatch Front, the State - and especially Salt Lake City and County - should be actively slowing down growth, rather than planning for a doubling in the next 20-30 years.

That's insanity.

However, Rep. Anderson is wrong. The paper stated that 'Anderson, who holds a masters degree in biology, says he has a CO2 meter and has measured the gas at various places ... showed the levels were not bad ... more CO2 would be better for the planet, not less.'

Boy, I hope he didn't teach biology to anybody you know! I also have a CO2 meter - it's now over 400 parts per million and rising rapidly - all over the planet. That may not sound like much, but it's about 50 percent higher than it was when the West was first settled. All that additional CO2 - and the methane now being released is rapidly warming the planet. That may be good for Rep. Anderson's garden, but it is really bad for the State, the Nation, and the Planet.

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