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Fresh Market observes Great Utah Shakeout

Employees of Fresh Market meet outside the store in a pre determined safety meeting zone to discuss what went on during the drill and to sum up what they learned.
Fresh Market assistant manager Cory Kulow inspects the utilities starting with the water lines.
Fresh Market assistant manager Cory Kulow inspects the gas supply system.
A literature center to educate the public concerning the Great Utah Shakeout was put up in the store a few days before the event.

For about 15 seconds inside the Fresh Market in Price last Thursday morning it was like a earthquake was going on.

Well in the staffs imagination anyway.

Along with other Associated Food Stores, Fresh Market employees were participating in the Great Utah Shake Out, a drill that is designed to get people ready in case the big one (or almost anything else) strikes.

The store of course remained open and for some of the employees and all of the patrons it was just a normal morning. Business was going on as usual with customers so someone had to serve them. But for those employees involved it was an important test.

It began when assistant manager Cory Kulow announced that an event was taking place at 10:15 a.m. an announcement that rang through businesses and organizations in many places in the state of Utah at the same time.

Employees got under door frames and some ducked under the cover of objects to simulate an earthquake. Then Kulow announced it was over and the managers of each department went to the designated areas to check for damage and other problems.

Kulow had the job of checking utilities and he went from the water main to the electrical systems and outside to the gas meter.

It was all in all a success, albeit a drill. In a real emergency the drills lessons would be invaluable.

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