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Most races now set for November, registration dates noted by county

Sun Advocate publisher

With the conclusion of the two party conventions having taken place, the race for most local seats that ends in November is now set.

Last Wednesday night saw the Carbon County Republican party pick most of the candidates that will run in this November's general election.

In the Carbon County Commission races, Jae Potter out polled David Kardelis for one county commission seat while Jake Mellor will be the candidate who will run for the County Commissioner Surveyors seat. He defeated Jeff Nielsen for that honor.

The candidate for Carbon County Assessor will be LaNell Denison and for Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood was selected.

A couple of weeks ago the county Democratic Party selected it's candidates as well.

And along with that there are some other candidates that are not connected to the two major parties that are running as well.

In the commission surveyor race incumbent John Jones will now face Mellor.

In the other commission race it will be a three way vote in November with incumbent Jae Potter facing Democratic challenger Dave Palacios as well as Independent American candidate Daniel Butler.

In the County Assessors race, Democrate incumbent Julie Patterson Medley will vie for the position against LaNell Jones Denison.

For the Carbon County Sheriff''s position present Sheriff James Cordova is not running again. Instead Democrat Tom Stephanoff will face off against Republican Jeff Wood as well as an Independent American candidate Tracy Allred.

In the race for Carbon County Recorder, Vikki Barnett will be challenged by unaffiliated candidate Laurie Tryon.

The one county seat that is not settled for the Republicans is that of who will run for county treasurer, a position now held by Marilyn Graham, who is retiring. Democrat Kay Colosimo, who presently works in the treasurers office will face off in November against either Thomas R. Jensen and Timothy Urbanik. Those two Republican candidates will contend for the right to be on that ballot in a primary vote on June 24 to determine which will run against Colosimo.

Two incumbents are not opposed including County Attorney, Gene Strate and County Clerk/Auditor, Seth Oveson.

While not a local county seat another race of interest locally is that for the State Representative seat from District 69 presently held by Republican Jerry Anderson. Anderson is being opposed by former District 69 representative Christine Watkins as well as Bill Labrum from Duchesne County. If one candidate can get 60 percent of the delegates to vote for them at the state Republican convention this Saturday, then that person will be the candidate. Otherwise the two that survive will have their names on that primary ballot in June. The Democrats have already decided to run Brad King, also a former District 69 representative for the seat and he is waiting to see who his opponent will be.

The public is also reminded that registration to vote in the primary must be done soon. Anyone wanting to register by mail must do so by May 27. In person registration can be done until June 9 if the person wishes to vote early. If they do not wish to vote early in-person registration can take place as late as June 16 and on-line by June 17. Absentee ballot requests must be into the Carbon County Clerks office by June 19.

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