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Letter to the Editor: Adapting water resources

By Gerald Lloyd


While attending the recent caucus meeting there was a discussion about water in Carbon County. It reminded me of discussions I have had over the years with several people. Thsi letter is a compilation of those conversations. I must disclose that these are not all my ideas, but they are though provoking.

• A man-made glacier in Price Canyon. This would slow spring run-off and reduce evaporation.

• Many of our old coal mines are full of water. Kenilworh and Spring Canyon are examples. Thsi water could be put to use as industrial water and then pumped back into the mine.

• Ground water from the gas wells could be stored in holding tanks and used for industrial water before it is pumped back into the ground.

• I am still of the opinion a reservoir could be built in Gordon Creek or at the top of Willow Creek. A reservoir in one of these areas could catch much of hte run off from all of the tributaries below Scofield. A recent example of how quickly a reservoir cna be approved and built is Deer Creek.

We need to do something and I think right now is the best time.

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