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Price residents to see rate hikes in garbage pickup, electrical service

Sun Advocate associate editor

On their March bill, Price residents will begin seeing an increase in the cost of garbage collection and power as the city council voted unanimously to raise rates at their March 12 meeting.

For residents, the modification in trash collection will amount to an increase of nine cents per can. The new fee comes directly from an increase Price city is seeing from their vendor City Sanitation.

Passing the buck one step further, City Sanitation is passing on new costs the East Carbon Development Corporation or ECDC.

"ECDC had approached the county about the change in fees before ever moving forward with City Sanitation," said Price City Finance Director Lisa Richens. "City residents have been paying $2.15 per can since the beginning of our contract with ECDC as far as I know, and this is the first increase I can recall."

Residents using one garbage receptacle will now be paying $2.24 a month for collection, which is still one of the lowest costs in the county.

Concerning power consumption, Price residents will one again bear the cost of an increase being made by the city's supplier. As Rocky Mountain Power has increased the cost they will charge Price City for power, the council passed that increase to the city's residents.

While there are several different base rates for residential and businesses power consumers, all Price City customers will see a 4.5 percent increase on the base rate of their power bill.

In addition to the rate increase, residents will also begin paying a cost recovery charge in March for work the city is having done on a substation just to the northeast of city hall.

According to Price City Customer Service Director Brett Cammans, the work being done at the city hall substation was expedited due to a recent power outage to insure that power distribution remains steady for the city's customers.

To help pay for the work being done at the substation, consumers will be seeing a $4.70 increase per month for approximately 26 months, said Cammans. Because the cost is only being applied to help the city repair and update the substation, once with work is completed the cost will be eliminated.

Price's council voted unanimously to approve each of the three increases as the cost to residents are directly proportional to the increases being seen by the city. Therefore, the increases allow the council to maintain the city's projected revenue and budget.

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