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Letter to the Editor: Proactive rather than reactive

By Joe Andrade
Salt Lake City


This letter is prompted by a recent Salt Lake Tribune op-ed which referred to Rep. Anderson's '... coal-mining constituents...' in the Price area.

Elected officials from coal-mining regions need to be working to facilitate their region's transition from a coal-dominated, extractive economy towards a sustainable economy. Rather than deny the CO2 issue, perhaps to 'protect' coal, Rep. Anderson, Sen. Hinkins, and others should realize that 'Carbon' County is a very solar-intensive county and could be participating in the solar energy transition now underway in most areas. Utah lags far behind much of the rest of the country because its legislators and Governor tend to be re-active rather than pro-active..

Perhaps Price area voters should be electing people with the vision and skills to facilitate a modern economy, rather than trying to protect a dying one based on 19th century economic assumptions.

Reality is often very hard, but futures can be empowering, if given a chance.

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