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Letter to the Editor: Keeping the names

By Karla C Young
East Carbon City Council


For the record, I was voted in to be a voice for our citizens, and I want them all to know that I am listening! I have heard the cry of a lot of concerned members in our community about the naming of the combined township in which we all LOVE.

This is what I pray to see happen concerning the City's new name. I will be presenting this to the Mayor and my fellow council persons.

The East Carbon Region should contain the following subdivisions: DRAGERTON    84520 SUNNYSIDE      84539 COLUMBIA       84520

If the subdivisions were named, the following solutions could be met.

•The people who call East Carbon Home will still have their "hometown" name.

•Those that are native to Dragerton will be able to reclaim their "hometown" name and birth place.

•The people who call Sunnyside their "hometown" will keep their name, and I believe they will be able to have their Centennial Celebration.

•Columbia will keep their "hometown" name and history also.

•We would not have to go through the hassle of changing our post office name.

•We wouldn't have to go through the hassle of changing any names on our homes. Our homes in East Carbon say Dragerton subdivision, and in Sunnyside they say Sunnyside. I am pretty sure all names will remain intact.   This would stop the petitions that are circulating and stop the hurt feelings that are with most of our people.

I believe we would be able to move forward faster. We have other important issues to be dealing with as city representatives. We need to move forward in unity with our new city. We all need to adopt a new and positive attitude. We need to believe that we will have a better place to live in and a better place for our children to grow up in. A place where future generations will want to stay and raise their families. A community that will stand up for one another, and be willing to help where help is needed. I know this will be a win- win solution for all citizens.

This is one City Council Woman's opinion and prayers for our future!

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