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Outgoing Miss Carbon reflects on achievements

Alexis Matthews
Alexis Matthews with commissioners Jae Potter, Casey Hopes and John Jones.

Sun Advocate associate editor

Being the daughter of an elementary school teacher as well as a former state representative and county commissioner, Alexis Mathews always knew she wanted to serve her community. By becoming Miss Carbon County in 2013, she took a bold step in that direction, choosing to enhance the lives of children throughout the Carbon School District during her reign.

"I had the opportunity to work in my mom's Kindergarten class at Creekview Elementary during my junior and senior years of high school," explained Mathews. "And it was then that I learned the value and joy that can come from giving back to others. Working with those children made me feel like my life had meaning."

The life-long Carbon County native has competed in pageants for most of her life, learning to take advantage of the events as a way to improve her public speaking and pay for her education.

Matthews, graduated from Carbon High School in 2013 and began attending the University of Utah later that fall with the help of several scholarships attained through pageant victories and hard work. Matthews received a $1,000 from the Miss Carbon County event and also was given a $2,000 Emma Entwistle scholarship for those working to become a teacher.

When speaking with Matthews, one of the most most striking parts of her personality is the positivity she exudes. In fact, her platform as Miss Carbon County was "Attitude is Everything."

As the 2013 pageant winner, Matthews spent her year teaching the residents of Carbon County the power positive thoughts and actions can have.

"I went to almost every class in the Carbon School District and read literature that explains the power of positive thinking," said Matthews.

A book which she used in every class was entitled, "Have You Filled the Bucket Today?"

The inspirational story talks about a bucket that holds all of a person's positive feelings and emotions. Mathews would have the students create their own bucket and then write "bucket fillers" for their fellow classmates. The fillers are positive thought or feeling that create positive emotions.

"They had so much fun with this program because the kids had a great time writing positive things about one another," she explained. "It's a great way to change a playground attitude that can be focused on teasing and hurtful feelings."

In addition to the time spent with area students, Matthews used the notoriety provided by her title to raise money for those who needed help in the Castle Country.

"I was able to help raise money for Brylee Olson through her 'Brylee in Five' event," she said. "That was a very special time for me because of how sweet that little girl is and who much hope she gives to those around her."

Matthews also took time to help raise money for Reese Timothy and for a yearly recipient through the annual Mike Ballard Golf Tournament.

"At these events, I got to do a great many things but the opportunity to network with some really great people was a big asset for me," she said.

As Miss Carbon County, Alexis attended 49 events during her 2013 reign and spend more than 105 hours serving the residents of Carbon County. She made it a point to update the county commission regularly concerning her engagements and presentations.

"They were always very welcoming to me and acknowledged me every time they saw me at a public event," she said.

Matthews represented Carbon County at the Miss Utah Pageant in June of 2013, an event that allowed yet another of her dreams to come true. When competing, Matthews dances during the talent portion of the event and Miss Utah provided her the opportunity to dance at the Capital Theater.

While she did not make the top ten, Matthews represented the area well drawing loud applause as she presented her platform.

"Presenting my platform at Miss Utah was thrilling, because of the way the kids reacted," she said. "I was so grateful to be able to share my feeling concerning the importance of a positive attitude and the happiness it can bring to your life."

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