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The Super Bowl Mera Dog

Step 1: Put bean dip on the bun.
Step 2: Put Pringles on the potato bun.
Step 3: Add chili and Cheddarwurst to the bun and dog.
Step 4: Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!!
Step 5: Add cheese of any kind and as much as you want.

The Recipe

Potato bun x (1)

Cheddarwurst x (1)

Chili x (be a man)

Pringles x (about 3)

Nacho chesse x (guess-amate)

Bacon x (as much as needed or is possible).

To start put bean dip on the inside of the bun. Then place the pringles on of the bean dip and add the chili on top. Next add the Cheddarwurst to the chili. Take the bacon and cut it into 4 pieces and lay those on top. Take the Nacho cheese and add it to the dog of all dogs and top it off with shredded or nacho cheese. Garnish with rest of Pringles and a touch of Man Points. (Photos Dean Lehwalder - Sun Advocate)

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