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Letter to the Editor: Peace preparedness

By Walt Borla


Still another doom and gloom letter in the Letters to the Editor columns of the Sun Advocate (Jan. 21) from the honorable Robert Warren of East Carbon.

He decries the lack of military preparedness. I am wondering if he saw the figures for the Pentagon in the recently approved budget passed by Congress and signed by the President. As efforts to cut back on national expenditures continue, surely the military is going to see some cut backs. For anyone still on the scene, during the World War 11 era they may recall a U.S. Senator from the state of Missouri by the name of Harry Truman. During that time he chaired a Senate committee charged with investigating excess profits by corporations in war dealings. The committee saved the country millions of dollars in doing so and propelled Mr.Truman to the Presidency. Unfortunately we do not have any Harry Trumans in the current Congress. Only when action to cut back on a military installation in a particular state do we see the affected legislators come screaming out of their offices, "Not in my state or district".

A good example is Utah and Hill Field. Another example, approval of aircraft the Air Force says it doesn't need.

Dwight D. Eisenhower,in his farewell upon leaving the presidency, cautioned about the military-industry complex. After decades of war from Korea to Vietnam, to the ill advised Iraq conflict and to Afghanistan, what have we accomplished? Loss of lives, thousands wounded, at the cost of billions of dollars, while corporations such as Halliburtonmake off like gang busters.

It is often said, "Take the profit out of war and there will be no war." It's way pass the time that we look at "Peace Preparedness rather than military preparedness."

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