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Cracked well head causes oil spill in Wellington

HAZMAT crews look on as area construction crews continue to haul contaminated soil away from Whiting Oil on Ridge Road in Wellington.
Carbon County Emergency Services and Homeland Security Director Jason Llewelyn directs traffic at the cleanup site.

Sun Advocate associate editor

A cracked well head sent oil flying more than 100 feet into the morning sky at Whiting Oil Saturday, as construction and hazardous materials teams worked to confine the spill to the company's Wellington property.

According to Carbon County Emergency Services and Homeland Security Director Jason Llewelyn, the spill which occurred just before 10 a.m. at the Wellington Flats site on Ridge Road, was handled very well by Whiting Oil and nearby construction crews.

"Those on site immediately called in help from Scamp Excavation and Nielson Construction," he said. "They began bringing in fresh dirt to help soak up the leaking oil and were able to keep the material confined to their pad."

Llewelyn reported that no oil contaminated the surrounding area and that Environmental Protection Agency officials had been on scene all morning. The Carbon County HAZMAT Team was still on site at 4 p.m. making sure the area was safe.

Traffic is allowed on Ridge Road for those who need to travel the area.

While it is unknown just how much oil was lost, the Carbon County security director reported that total cleanup time was estimated at two weeks. Check back here and in Tuesday's Sun Advocate for a full report on the incident.

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