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Letter to the Editor: What should be the name?

By Ray Christensen. Former Mayor Sunnyside City


A suggestion on the name of Utah's newest City.

In as much as the total area involved has been historically a one industry economy of coal mining and those mines for the most part had all their workers belong to the United Mine Workers of America Union and that union practiced seniority in most choices it would seem that the name SUNNYSIDE should be selected with out question.

Coal was initially mined at Sunnyside in the late 1890's and homes were built in that area soon afterward. The town of Sunnyside was incorporated in the early twentieth century and has been active ever since although the original area of homes has changed.

East Carbon City, or Drager and then Dragerton, as it was called, was not built until the early 1940's and was not incorporated until some recent years.

Using seniority to make the selection for the name of the new city seems to be appropriate.

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