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Castle Valley Archaeological Society to host public education meeting

Dr. Tim Riley discusses the Huntington Mammoth during a 2013 presentation. Riley along with USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum Director

The Castle Valley Chapter of the Utah Statewide Archaeological Society (CVAS) is looking to assist the USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum in its mission to elevate and strengthen local student understanding of the Utah Science Core Curriculum.

According to incoming CVAS President, Craig Royce, the Jan. 16 chapter meeting will feature discussion by Dr. Ken Carpenter, Dr. Tim Riley and Lloyd Logan all from the prehistoric museum as well as local educators sharing ideas on how the museum's exhibits and activities may impact a student's attention to science.

The meeting, which will take place at the museum will begin at 7 p.m. It is free and open to the public and both students and parents are encouraged to attend, said Royce.

Royce indicated that the meeting's topic will help to provide students a "deeper, daily, appreciation of the immediate natural history and science environment here in the Castle Valley, famous throughout the world for its Geology, Archaeology and Paleontology.

In 2014, Society Chapter and Nine Mile Coalition founding member Margene Hackney remains Treasurer, USU Eastern's Christina Collingwood is Secretary, former President Heidi Essex is Vice President. Royce, who is the Castle Valley author of works including Uranium Seekers and a Pinnacle Canyon educator, will serve as president.

Royce urges both parents and students to attend this presentation.

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