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Concrete work under way at new county office building in Price

Workers guide the concrete hose into the awaiting framework.

Sun Advocate editor emeritus

Two tall cranes towered over the cityscape in east Price Wednesday as concrete work got under way on the foundation of the new county office building.

The cranes provide the reach to pour the concrete and transport materials across what is now a big crater.

If all goes as planned, the structure should "go vertical" - begin rising above ground level - in February, said Brent Bullock Malan, project manager for general contractor Ascent Construction.

He added that the new building should be ready for occupancy by summer.

Malan said he wasn't complaining about the relatively mild winter so far. However, since overnight temperatures are still plunging below freezing, builders still have to take cold weather precautions.

Like the Senior Citizen Center and Department of Natural Resources buildings, the county offices will also rely on geothermal wells for energy conservation.

Malan said that as of Wednesday, 51 of 65 holes have been dug for the piping. Each hole is 300 feet deep, down to where temperature is constant.

In summer, when air temperature is higher than that of the deep ground, circulating fluid will help with air conditioning. The reverse happens in winter.

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