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School board votes to move ninth graders into Carbon High School

Sun Advocate publisher

After months of discussion, numerous town meetings and a three and a half hour marathon in a work and regular session the Carbon School District Board of Education voted on Wednesday evening to move the ninth grade classes from Mont Harmon Junior High and Helper Junior High into Carbon High School next year, thus creating middle schools for the district.

The vote also moved sixth graders from the districts elementary schools into those middle schools.

The vote was a three to two vote and a lot of questions about how the change will be made still remain.

"Even though we voted to go ahead with this, I am concerned that at the next board meeting (in January) we discuss some of the concerns and start to answer some of the questions that board members had," said Kristen Taylor, one of the members of the board that voted for the change. Voting against the change was Board President Wayne Woodward and Board Member Jeff Richens.

More on this story in the Tuesday edition of the Sun Advocate.

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