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Letter to the Editor: Price Burglary

By Bryan Boucher


The home invasion and burglary that took place in Price as reported in the Tuesday Oct. 30 edition of the Sun Advocate is another crime that never should have happened. The three suspects should have already been locked up for previous crimes and outstanding statewide warrants.

It is hard for me to understand how they could be roaming free with all the technology and information available at police fingertips. It took hardly any time to locate them after the burglary. Why could they not have been picked up on the outstanding warrants before it happened?

I know, from information I received through a reliable contact, that one of the suspects is a heroin addict. One of the other suspects had a court appearance pending on Dec. 16 on drug charges.

I can predict what will happen to all three of these repeat offenders. The charges will be plead down to some minor misdemeanors and they will be set free with a slap on the hands and told not to do that again, which you and I all know will go in one ear and right out the other.

Maybe the next house they break into will be occupied by a duly armed citizen who will defend his safety and property lethally and there will be that many less repeat offenders for the cops to chase around after the judicial system slaps their hands and puts them back on the streets prematurely.

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