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Delicate creation wins Utah State Fair ribbon for Carbonville resident

The tiny amulet bag can easily fit in creator Betty Leek's hand.
Betty Leek displays her Best of Show ribbon along with her amulet bag from the Utah State Fair.

Sun Advocate reporter

Despite its size, the work and effort behind the creation makes the reward that much more important.

For longtime Carbonville resident Betty Leek, that hard work paid off in September when she was awarded a Best of Show Ribbon from the Utah State Fair for her tiny amulet bag.

Leek described the bag as something Native Americans used to help ward spirits away.

The bag, which can fit easily in the palm of Leek's hand, took about three full days of work to create. Leek has been making them for years and knows first-hand how difficult the process can be.

"It's a painstaking process at times," she said. "You have to start over a lot to get the final product."

This was the first year there was a category for senior citizens creative art.

"I'm thrilled to win a ribbon like this," she said. "It made all of the hard work all worth it."

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