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Letter to the Editor: Like we little people

By Fred Richardson
Spring Glen


Several weeks ago I sent a letter asking two questions. First- Why do our property taxes keep going up and second - why do we need a new courthouse?

I would like to thank Barry Horsley for his detailed, well explained answer to the first part. It was well said. I understand now. My point was that I can pay it. It's those persons living on a social security income that is in the poverty level, that concerns me. Who speaks for them. Can't our commissioners take an appeal to the state and say enough is enough?

It seems it does no good to send an email to Mr Hinkins; he doesn't answer. I emailed him twice asking why the state doesn't put utilities back under regulation to keep big investors like Warren Buffet and Mike Leavitt from investing in utilities, so they have a large return on that investment; that directly affects our incomes. He never answered. So much for our elected officials being mindful of their constituents.

If someone sees Mr. Hinkins, ask why our taxes have to go up when everything else is too. The State of Utah needs to live within their means, just like we little people.

Barry did explain that no matter how bad things get; the government always gets their money; no matter the difficulties the people face. I guess that answers my question.

I'm told by my brother, that the courthouse deal was all in motion before the last election, so I'll drop that one.

One other thing. I read in the Sun Advocate on Sept. 24, Anna Lee Howland's reply to Robert Warren. I would suggest she look up "quotes on God by the Founding Fathers" on the internet. There are hundreds.

She is right on one point however; in her pointing out separation of church and state. One thing wrong with hers and other liberal interpretations is, that the Founding Fathers meant no state religion. Liberals have changed it to mean that religion can have no influence in government.

Enough said. Fred Richardson Spring Glen

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