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Letter to the Editor: An opinion counts

By Carl Kem


With the elections coming up, I figured I'd come to you with a few concerns I have and I ask for a clarification.

I can't give any names because of the upcoming election, even though this is a public matter. Damn that Freedom of speech! That's okay, if we leave the DHS in control that'll be gone before we know it.

Okay with that aside, I can tell you what I have seen in East Carbon City.

Everyone already knows about my beef over East Carbon City calling me a terrorist.

The same council person said I must ask the city council to ask for permission to go to a city council meeting, otherwise I will be arrested.

I offended the East Carbon City council by asking "inappropriate" and "offensive" questions like "what are you doing to improve the economy for East Carbon City" and "what are you doing to bring business to East Carbon City?".

And I have to ask about the annexation of Sunnyside. Is that a such good idea? I figure if it was, the East Carbon City council wouldn't threaten a door to door petition, forcing Sunnyside to approve the annexation. If Sunnyside needs help, they'll ask for it. I'm all for what Sunnyside wants. It doesn't affect me in the least. But I do not support the East Carbon city council I pay with my tax dollars to threaten Sunnyside. It's like me telling you "I think you need a band aid, so either I give you a band aid or I'll break your arm".

And because of those opinions/issues, an East Carbon City council person is mad at me because she not only does not appreciate my opinions, but she didn't approved them, either. You have to have thicker skin than that to run for mayor.

About the candidates. We need candidates that not only are respectful of their constituents, but obey the law. I think that rules out at least half of those running. I'm not sure. But we certainly need the fresh ideas "them youngun's" have, as the older candidates that have lived here forever I don't think can cut it. If they can, why is East Carbon still going down in smoke?

If East Carbon isn't going down, then why are they desperate enough to annex Sunnyside to threaten them?

Now, all of that considered, why would they call me, a law-abiding tax-paying property owner a terrorist unless they are trying to hide something?

Those are just my opinions of the candidates, but I'm also a voter, so I imagine my opinion should count. Clearly my opinion any other time of the year doesn't.

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