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Letter to the Editor: Active ReEntry kudos

By Nancy Labahn

I want to state publicly how pleased our family is with a wonderful entity we have in our community, Active ReEntry.

We have a family member who was diagnosed with macular degeneration this spring and she is under the care of a retinal specialist in Salt Lake City.

As she has struggled to continue the simple things she has enjoyed such as needlework, working crossword puzzles and reading, she has become increasingly discouraged and subdued. She enrolled in Active ReEntry's low vision program and met with a low vision specialist today for the first time. She was evaluated for vision difficulties and then shown a myriad of low vision aids available to her. As she was shown these various lights and magnifiers, her voice again filled with hope as she realized she might reclaim some of her activities she has loved for so many years. She has made an appointment for a staff member at Active ReEntry to visit her in her own home and bring more ideas to enable independence.

How fortunate we are as a community to have such skilled and dedicated professionals in our midst. I offer much praise, respect and gratitude to the dedicated staff at Active ReEntry.

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