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Letter to the Editor: Count My Vote

By Walt Borla


Mr. Jim Darter used considerable news space in the Sun Advocate (Oct. 15) in attacking the proposed initiative known as Count My Vote and defending the current caucus system now in vogue.

In his article there is a glaring example of just what is wrong with the caucus system. He states that he attended a caucus meeting in Mont Harmon Junior High several years ago and he was the only person present representing Spring Glen. I have attended caucus meetings on a precinct level for years and normally attendance is very low. Occasionally a larger crowd will show up to stack the deck in favor of a particular prospective candidate for an office. These people will get themselves elected as county delegates to enhance the prospects of their favorite candidate. What is wrong with an open primary election to give voters an opportunity to make a choice rather than limited candidates coming out of a caucus? This caucus system is responsible for giving us the embarrassment that is Senator Mike Lee.

Count My Vote is a bipartisan state wide effort to put the initiative on the ballot to be decided by the voters rather than the legislature. I urge local residents to sign the initiative proposal to get it on the ballot.

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