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Safety pays off big for Price City insurance


As Price City officials have found out over the years, safety and a close attention to detail pay off.

Price City received a rebate for the 2013 year of $33,312.32 from their insurance, due mainly because of the focus on safety for city employees and the community they work in.

"The rebate represents a lot of effort from a lot of people working hard and being safe while on the job," said John Daniels, Price City human resource director.

Price City pays an annual premium for insurance of about $164,380. That amount includes the costs for automobile, property and liability insurance for the city, Daniels explained.

With a commitment to safety across all departments, the city has over the years been able to save a size-able amount of money. During the 2004-05 budget year, Price City paid $239,000 for insurance whereas during the past year the city paid $164,380.

"The transformation we've made over the past few years has been phenomenal," said Daniels. "That's a big difference and it shows that hard work pays off," said Daniels.

The money from the rebate will be put right back into the budget for the city, which can go to help with other city activities and departments that may need it, Daniels said.

"The money from the rebate is a good thing for all of us," he said "and it can bee put to good use."

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