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Teenager locked 18 hours in solitary holding cell

Sun Advocate publisher

A 17-year-old boy who was supposed to spend 22 days in detention for violating his probation is out on the street because a communication snafu apparently caused him to stay in a holding cell at the Carbon County Courthouse from 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon until 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

The juvenile was put in the holding cell, which only has a bench to sit on, no water and no toilet facilities, by a probationary officer on Tuesday afternoon.

After that point it is unclear exactly what happened, but a communication error occurred and the young man was not taken out of the cell and transported to the Carbon County Jail as he should have been.

In an interview with KUTV news the teenager said that after the first hour he became anxious because he thought that some one would be there to pick him up within 30 minutes.

Then the hour turned into two hours and then many more. He stated that he thought maybe some apocalypse had befallen the world because he made noise and pounded on the door but no one came to release him.

The state court system is investigating the incident, and the Carbon County Sheriff's Office has also appointed an internal investigation team to look into what happened.

After the young man was released, the court decided that the incident was enough punishment for violating parole and let him go free.

One Carbon County adult who has been in the holding cell described it as "primitive."

"There is nothing there but white walls and a bench. No toilet, no water, and no clock. But the worst part is, you never know when they are coming to let you out," he said.

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