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Letter to the Editor: No ticket issued

By Marla Marshall


I had to chuckle as I read the letter to the editor titled "Accident on Overpass" (Aug. 27, Sun Advocate). I chuckled because I experienced a similar incident.

While driving through the intersection near Taco Bell, a vehicle driven by a Price City Police Officer's wife, ran the red light and hit my car. Price City could not investigate and turned the incident over to the Highway Patrol.

When the patrolman arrived at the accident, he recognized the city officer's wife. He asked her what happened and she said, "I wasn't paying attention and ran the red light. Give me the ticket and we will be on our way."

I, too, was standing by the vehicles. When I said something to the officer, he asked "Who are you?" I told him I was the driver of the other car, to which he replied "I thought you were a passenger in her car." Needless to say, this greatly irritated me, since there were two vehicles involved in the accident and only two people standing there. Didn't he think there would be two drivers?

The patrolman gathered all the necessary information from both drivers and sent us on our way. He did not issue a ticket to the police officer's wife. I guess that is one of the perks of being married to a police officer (or as in the other Letter to the Editor, an actual officer). You can bet that anyone else would have and should have received a citation. The patrolman, in fact, didn't even notice that the insurance card provided by the city officer's wife was expired. Again, if that had been mine, I would have been cited or at least asked about it.

Later, we tried to contact the Captain at the Price Highway Patrol office to see if there is a policy that a ticket be issued when fault can be determined. He wouldn't even return our call.

Because the lady who hit me, took responsibility for the incident, I didn't necessarily want her to get a ticket. The correct insurance information was obtained and she contacted her insurance, who gave me no hassle about fixing my car. Thank goodness she is an honest person.

But the fact remains, in both of these incidents, had the roles been reversed, tickets would have been issued.

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