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Letter to the Editor: Short arm of the law

By Craig Houkeeper


In the letter to the editor concerning the accident on the Price overpass on August 27 (Sun Advocate) from Mr. Olsen, he was correct. I don't care what the person in the truck was doing that made him unable to stop, whether it was speed, talking on the phone or any other distraction. All of my life I have know that if something happend that made the car in front of you stop and you hit them you were following too close.

The car in front had every right to stop and not hit the pedestrian. Thank God that she was paying attention. It would have also been nice if the truck's operator had been paying attention.

Stuff happens but if it would have happened to someone else a ticket would have been written. Probably one should have been written to the pedestrian as well.

Let's be consistent and have the same laws for all of us.

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