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Castle Valley Center has had several homes, several names, one purpose

Sun Advocate publisher

Today the Castle Valley Center, a place for special students in Carbon School District is a well known and accepted part of the school district.

But before 1960, any kind of facility to help those students basically did not exist.

It was in December of that year that a group of women and men led the way to the present facility by forming an "Opportunity Center" for those students.

The original facility was officially named the Castle Valley Day-Care Center. But those that brought the idea forward and worked to make it a reality called it "The Children's Opportunity Center."

While the center had been a concept for some time, a building to house it was needed. Finally at the end of that year the Carbon County Commission came through and donated a building near the Price Post Office. This put things in motion to finally open a center.

In the lead on the fight to get the center established was Mrs. Ted (Ann) Self who the centers in their various forms would be named after.

While the school district had a hand in future operation, much of the initial remodeling of the building and buying of equipment came from donations from the community.

As imagined at the time there were two directions for service to students as the building began to renovated for a March 1961 opening.

One direction was the education of children which was handled by the school district with certified teachers.

The second was to work with what was termed at the with what was termed at the time "helpless but trainable children." That part of the direction was expected to be funded by private sources and from the state welfare system.

At the time was it was projected that school would be held for nine months a year like regular schools, although during the 1960-61 year it would run only for three months to end the school year.

A number of years later the operation would move into the Spring Glen Elementary School building when Sally Mauro Elementary began to draw students from that area. The school then became known as the Ann Self Center (or school).

In 1987 the school was moved to a new building in north Price, the one the faculty and students occupy today. While it is officially known as the Castle Valley Center, most still call it the Ann Self School.

Self's dedication to specials students in the eastern Utah area gained her vast respect and a name that will be attached to the facility for a long time to come.

(Information from this article came from the Dec. 8, 1960 edition of the Sun Advocate).

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