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Letter to the Editor: Accident on overpass

By Robert Olsen
Spring Glen


I read with interest about the accident that happened on the overpass near IFA in Price on August 27. In that accident a car driven by my granddaughter was hit from behind by an unmarked Carbon County Sheriff's truck. The article stated that the driver of the truck couldn't brake fast enough to avoid the accident.

My granddaughter was taken to the hospital for assessment which didn't reveal any damage at that time.

The most disturbing part of this accident was in the last part of the article where it was stated that no one was given a citation at that time.

Why not?

The driver of that truck was at fault. If speed was not the cause as stated, what was? Was the driver of the truck following too close? What distracted him? It's his fault and he should have been cited.

I know that if anyone else or myself were to be involved in that accident we would have been given a citation on the spot.

Let's not protect our own.

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