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Two place at state in Reflections

Lance Deeter
Stephaine Cha

The Reflections program is a cultural art's event sponsored on all levels of PTA, which includes local, council or county; region or district, state and national. The program provides opportunities for students preschool age to 12th grade to submit their works of art in the eight categories, including literature, music, photography, visual arts, on the national level and theatre, choreography and dance, film and video, and three dimensional artistic creation on the state level.

The program's goal is participation, not winning, while understanding and following certain rules and guidelines. According to local Reflection representative, Steve Tanner, "it's a great way for students to learn about themselves as well as various art forms by artistic exploration and expression which both compliments and further develops their intellectual, social and physical skins."

Tanner explained that the creation of art is a worthwhile and valuable learning experience as an individual classroom activity or done independently at home. "When students express themselves through cultural art, they learn to analyze thoughts, feelings and ideas as well as how to look at things, people, and experiences in a new and exciting way, and ultimately become more interested in the ideas and works of others," explained Tanner.

The program is a tool which can help parents encourage and recognize the continuous self-discovery process while their children are receiving positive recognition for their artistic efforts. "Most important, judicious parental involvement provides support for a child but also maintains the integrity of the creative process and honesty of the standards and rules," he said. The program is designed to enhance rather than replace art education in their school.

Tanner explained that parents, teachers, and community members all play a critical role in fostering a positive learning environment for children.

Carbon county council winners and the category they placed in are listed below:

In film and video include: Andrew Adderley, Castle Heights; Morgan Crouse, Sally Mauro; Logan Banning, Creekview.

Theatre: Lance Deeter, Sally Mauro.

Choreography and dance Alexis Heugly, Creekview; Morgan Crouse, Sally Mauro.

3D artistic creation, Forest Daniels, Castle Heights; and Tracy Bedont, Castle Heights.

Visual arts: KiLee Tanner, Sally Mauro; Kylan Jarrett, Castle Heights; and Lance Deeter, Sally Mauro.

Photography: KiLee Tanner, Sally Mauro; Gabrielle Donlanwheeler, Creekview; and Tara Harvey, Creekview.

Musical composition: Kindra Edwards, Sally Mauro; Kathryn J. Penry, Castle Heights; and Morgan Johnson, Creekview.

Literature: KiLee Tanner, Sally Mauro; Cherokee Sartory, Wellington; Stephaine Cha, Castle Heights.

Carbon county Region 12 winners that qualified for state include:

Film and Video: Morgan Crouse

Theatre: Lance Deeter

Choreography and dance: Morgan Crouse.

Photography: KiLee Tanner

Musical composition: Kindra Edward

Literature: Stephaine Cha

3D artistic creation: Forest Daniels and Tracy Bedont

Carbon county state awards:

Lance Deeter of Sally Mauro received an Award of Merit in theatre and Stephaine Cha also received an Award of Merit in literature.

The Reflections program was started in 1969 by then Colorado PTA president Mary Lou Anderson.

Tanner summed the program up by stating, "Each year, the program challenges students to create art that supports a specific theme."

This year's theme was "Signs of Courage" and several hundred students participated overall in the County.

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