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Letter to the Editor: Catbox liner

By Annalee Howland


I would like to address Mr. Warren who writes a letter to the editor every month in this paper.

Your opinion on morals, our country, and social injustices are not truth, they are in fact sir, your opinion.

Your "facts" are very twisted in every letter you have submitted. Anyone who has taken a lesson on American history knows matter-of-factually the foundation that this country was built on, and it wasn't God. That is exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted to protect us from- religious persecution in the government, while giving us the freedom to choose which religion we would like to practice.

You are just as entitled to your opinion as the rest of us, but trying to pass it off as "fact" and "truth" is absurd.

If you would like to use your rights to preach hatred, bigotry, and judgement well, then that only speaks about your beliefs.

Personally, I love using Mr. Warren's submissions to the editor to line my cat box.

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