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Letter to the Editor: Misinformed progressive leadership

By Robert L Warren
East Carbon


A few people have advised me, (and that's very few) what I say and write within my letters to the editor, come across as mean and hurtful.

Well, gee whiz, I am truly sorry about that.

The truth has a propensity to be cold and mean. It has no intent to inflict pain. It has no intent to victimize anyone. It is merely fact. That's just the way it is.

And, for those who see themselves as the object of that truth, of course, it hurts.

Now I would ask you this; Is that my problem? Really?

I know there are many of you who will not care to read this letter. It blows apart the myths which support your belief system. It's just too painful. There is no argument against it.

Nonetheless, regardless of where you may stand on current event issues, I would ask all of you to read and digest its content. And in the process of doing so please understand, no amount of name calling, huffing and puffing or claims of being victimized can change the truth and facts.

We are where we are as a society, and a nation, because too many of us refuse to admit what we once believed to be, is no longer applicable. The fact is, if we don't soon do something to rectify the moral decline and legally bankrupt excuses coming from the misinformed progressive leadership in Washington, which has, and is, wildly swerving from ditch to ditch in its freakish and feckless attempt to "guide" this nation, it will not be much longer before we will no longer have to bother being concerned about anything. We won't have anything left to be concerned about.

And that too is the truth.

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