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Letter to the Editor: An open letter

By Sue Christensen


The following is an open letter to Richard Walje, Pres. CEO of Rocky Mountain Power that I wrote.

Dear Mr. Walje:

I hope you had a nice Labor Day holiday. Possibly you spent it at home enjoying your beautiful trees, nice lawn and lovely view. I did.

But soon, your employees will be putting up a 12,000 volt transmission line down my narrow lane 30 feet in front of my home and my neighbors' homes. That view will be marred, our property values will be destroyed, our health and safety will be compromised for years to come and the hum will drive us crazy. \

Rocky Mountain power, which you manage, has the legal right to do this, but other, more acceptable options are available and they refuse to use them. The line can be buried in front or in back of my property. Gas and water lines are buried. Studies have proven that burying the lines eliminates the health risk.

Last Thursday a backhoe that was being unloaded in Layton touched a 7,000 volt electric line and the power came down the backhoe and down onto the street where it injured a worker. Burying it could eliminate accidental touching of the lines by construction equipment.

They have told us that it is too expensive to bury it. But it will be less expensive than dealing with a lawsuit when someone on our lane comes down with an illnesss. The companies argument is that the risks haven't been proven. But it took years of research and many naysayers before tobacco was proven to cause cancer. How many people were needlessly affected in the interim?

Please, Mr. Walje, reconsider this decision. There are eight children on this road and at least two people who have already fought cancer and who are at risk.

Think about how it would affect you if it were your home.

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