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Monsoon floods continue

A big steel barrel is part of the debris swept along by the swollen Price River under the 100 North overpass.

Sun Advocate publisher

An afternoon thundershower interrupted a day of small general showers on Sunday and caused a number of problems throughout the county.

While some areas didn't get much rain out of the thunder gusher, places like Helper got .83 of an inch of water and even more fell in the mountains above the town and in the western part of the county.

Of biggest consequence was 2500 North in Carbonville, where the water washed over the road near the upper nine holes of the Carbon Country Club, blocking people from coming and going to their homes in the golf course subdivision. The water flowed over the road and into a storage unit area for some time. The aftermath was mud about six inches deep below the Highway 6 bypass bridge.

There were also reports of flooded basements in Carbonville and even some in the East Carbon area.

The Price River once again raised to a high level, but not quite as high as when a gully washer hit the Gordon Creek Canyon area, which brought torrents of black mud from the Seeley Fire burn scar into the river. Officials closed off the Price River Walkway under the 100 North bridge once again because of high water and mud. Many curious residents parked along the 100 North bridge to see the water flowing down the river as it carried everything from blue plastic barrels to 30-foot-long logs.

While not all of Price proper was dumped on by the rain in the same manner, the official report said nearly .50 inches fell during the day on Sunday. Winds that started on on Saturday also accompanied storms into the area. Reports said that 50-plus mile per hour winds blew through some areas of the county.

Residents in the Carbonville area reported that in some places .75 of an inch of water came down during the Sunday afternoon storm.

The forecast for the area is for more showers and thundershowers through Thursday night with things drying out a little on Friday, but more rain could show up over the weekend.

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