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Letter to the Editor: Well thought out

By Fred D Richardson
Spring Glen


I have two things to point out at this time.

Property taxes. When is enough enough? Five or so years ago they were raised about 50 percent, as I recall. I received my recent notice and it's up another 50 percent. I have a decent retirement; My wife and I will survive.

Before my mother passed away her income was $800.00 per month. There are a lot of people in that class and yet government agencies, school districts and utilities just keep saying more, more and more. Shouldn't they learn to live within their means, like we have to, instead of just saying MORE, MORE and MORE.

I have a suggestion. What about no new court house and leave taxes where they are? Will some responsible person please respond?

Second concerning the Jackie Ross' letter (Aug. 15) criticizing Robert Warren's letter of Aug 1- Mr Warren didn't make any claims about morality or likes and dislikes of the founding fathers. He only stated the ideas they put into our documents. None of us can ignore what is happening in this country right now, thinking everything is great and peachy; because it is not. Mr Warren is not spewing hatred. He is stating facts as they are. We are in trouble and uninformed Americans are the problem. Good Christians included.

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