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Helper's feral cat law near adoption

Sun Advocate associate editor

There are a few tweaks to be made before the Helper City Council adopts its feral animal ordinance, but for the most part the city is ready to curb the cat population gradually and humanely.

Cats will not have to be licensed. However, community feeding of the felines is going to be curtailed. The ordinance is going to mandate that feeding will be allowed for the purpose of trapping only.

Feeding increases the carrying capacity of the environment, noted councilman Robert Bradley. The cat population in Helper is already "phenomenally big," he said.

The approaching ordinance comes as good news to citizens such as Charlene Burnham, who told the council last Thursday she's tired of cleaning up after roaming cats. "It's not that they're cats. It's that they're wild," she said.

Sue Ann Martell, who with her husband has been supporting three colonies, said she will no longer be be releasing cats that have been trapped and neutered.

They will be relocated outside of Helper from now on. "They are not safe here," she stated.

There have been several reports of cruelty to the animals.

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