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Letters to the Editor

By Robert L Warren
East Carbon City

Demise of America

It is almost impossible to absorb, or even keep up with the hourly destruction of America and its original constitutional values. Under the current leadership demeaned, debased vision promoted by the likes of Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi and many other progressive politicians. All supporters of killing babies, supporting radical homosexuals and the so-called 'allies' of homosexual marriage.

Where are those that are willing to go up against these disastrous decisions that bring, not only America, but the whole world closer to Armageddon. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed of the sham perpetrated by these elected officials and the latest Supreme Court rulings.

Those that do speak out find them self under intense scrutiny for their beliefs (IRS scandal). My friends, it is an outrage when decent Christian believers are browbeaten into silence by perverts who seek to subvert the family unit as the bedrock of our society. I cannot abide this, and I hope I can say the same for you.

Last summer, we witnessed a tremendous outpouring of support from God-fearing families in spite of threats from militant homosexuals. The Homosexual Lobby picked a fight, and defenders of traditional marriage rose to the occasion and won the day. It is my hope that respectful Christian defenders can once again answer the call to stand for what is right and what America once stood for: One man, one woman, and their children... The building block of a strong society...

Politicians who either despise family values or are willing to sell out supporters of real marriage for selfish gain should be cast out of government. America needs more people that believed as our founding fathers did, and gave their lives for: "Under God We Trust".

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