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Persistence paying off big for Carbon Youth wrestlers

Carbon Youth wrestlers have competed in four tournaments over the last few weeks and are gearing up for the state tournament in Panguitch in April.

Persistence is paying off for the Carbon youth wrestlers as they enter their fourth month of the season. The past four tournaments have paid off big dividends for the young grapplers, as they have brought home some impressive hardware at Moab, Heber, Duchesne, and North Sevier. The team is peaking at the right time for the state tournament being held in Panguitch in April. The latest tournament results are as follows:


Gage Gressman, 1st, Jonathan Kessler, 1st, Kelson Pendergrass, 1st, Keityn Hunt, 1st, Cole Cripps, 1st, Peyton Welch, 1st, Triton Abeyta, 1st, Caleb Sanderson, 1st, Chanse Pendergrass, 1st, Jordan Davies, 1st, Brax Tapia, 1st, Alan Manzo, 1st, Colt Burrows, 1st, Halton Hunt, 2nd, JJ Behling, 2nd, Caitlin Behling, 2nd, Logan Emery, 2nd, Jared Simmons, 2nd, Cayleb Marshall, 2nd, Caden Padilla, 2nd, Josiah Martinez, 2nd, Casey Shiner, 2nd, Jarett Atwood, 2nd, Ryelan Ferguson, 3rd, Rylee Rhett, 3rd, William Johnson, 3rd, Everett Johnson, 3rd, Antonio Vigil, 3rd, Daniel Fox, 3rd, Gabe Emery, 3rd, Jesse Simmons, 3rd, Shad Iriart, 3rd, Pressley White, 3rd, Preston Melo, 3rd, Dominic Cowan, 3rd, Logan Madrigal, 3rd, Cade Shiner, 3rd, Dominic Madden, 3rd, Ashli Atwood, 3rd, Dillon Thomas, 3rd, Jaydun Thomas, 3rd, Jack Watkins, 4th, David Honeycut 4th, AJ Adams 4th, Alli Atwood 4th.


Jordan Davies, 1st.


Chanse Pendergrass, 1st, Jordan Davies, 2nd, Colt Burrows, 2nd, Cole Cripps, 3rd.

North Sevier:

Jonathon Kessler, 1st, Logan Emery, 1st, Gabe Emery, 1st, Josiah Martinez, 1st, Caleb Sanderson, 1st, Jordan Davies, 1st, Triton Abeyta, 1st, Taylon Abeyta, 1st, Jack Watkins, 2nd, David Honeycut, 2nd, Halton Hunt, 2nd, William Johnson, 2nd, Everett Johnson, 2nd, Chanse Pendergrass, 2nd, Brax Tapia, 2nd, Gage Gressman, 2nd, Ryelan Ferguson, 3rd, Ray Burdick, 3rd, Dominic Cowan, 4th.

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