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Letters to the Editor

By Fred D Richardson
Spring Glen

In answer

I would like to apologize to The Sun Advocate and their readers for my lengthy letters, as Mr. Pitts pointed out (June 20, Letters to the Editor).

I'm sorry to say I didn't see that. I let my information be said and try not to say more than is necessary. I try to make my point without offending, but I love America and will not sit idly by, while politicians destroy her.

A couple of things, in Mr. Pitts letter, that I would like to reply to:

I don't watch Fox News any more. I did until the election coverage when I saw how Mitt Romney was treated and "Mr. Speaker", Newt Gingrich was their choice even though Romney was the candidate. Fox is less biased than CNN and the three major networks. I have watched the goings on for 30 years now. I only need to see what I already know, substantiated.

The liberal shooters I mentioned came from the internet, not from Fox News.

As far as my social security goes-you bet I enjoy it. I paid over $57,000 into it in my working life and my employers matched it. I read recently, that much money left untouched by our politicians, would have been over a million dollars by my retirement. In a former letter to the editor I shared social securities' history and it has been the Democrats, 100 percent of the time, who messed with it, as late as Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

I didn't agree with a lot of things President Bush did including Iraq and the Patriot Act, but I'd trade him in a heartbeat for what we have now.

John Kennedy was a great president and he did put a man on the moon. Barack Obama stopped that. Now we hitch expensive rides with our good friends, the Russians.

Democrats used to worry about the poor. Most politicians only worry about themselves; their premium health care being one good example.

As far as schools go, the environment is the word. American Greatness is a thing of the past Most of the stimulus money Obama borrowed for infrastructure repair was wasted and that is a fact.

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