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Letters to the Editor

By Walt Borla

Contrary to concept

It is with dismay that I note that the local little leagues scheduled their regular season play to just the month of May and the leagues began selecting all-star teams in early June.

This is contrary to the concept of little league baseball as conceived by a man in Williamsport, Pa. just prior to World War II. In promoting little league baseball, he looked upon it as a means of introducing youngsters, in the small towns and neighborhoods, 12 years of age or younger, to the fundamentals of the game. The goal of the program should be to keep all the players playing baseball most of the summer rather a select few.

Baseball is a summer game and should not end for many before the summer season is upon us. The distinct disadvantage of being involved in a nation wide organization of little league baseball is the long and extended season for all-star play of the organization, This necessitates the early selection of all-star teams to compete. The result, the ending of baseball activity for the many unfortunate enough not to qualify for the all-star teams of the various leagues long before summer begins.

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