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Medicare update

On July 1 there may have been a change in who provides residents of Carbon and Emery counties with certain durable medical equipment. As a result of a competitive bidding process, businesses have been chosen to provide certain services to the area. You can find out what vendors provide the medical equipment you need by using the internet and accessing the website or call your local Senior Health Insurance Program Counselor at 435-637-5444 Ext. 714.

You can find out what areas of the country are included, what kinds of items and supplies are included, where items can be secured for travel, how Medicare's coverage of items and supplies work with other insurance and how to find a supplier in the area. The companies listed have contracted withMedicare to provide equipment at an approved cost. Those on the list may not be the same providers that residents have used in the past. The competitive bidding process insures that the lowest prices to you and medicare are obtained, fraud is limited and it provides access to quality products and equipment from trusted suppliers.

On the phone or on the web site you can ask questions and receive answers. Once you are satisfied with the information that you have obtained you can then start the process of them providing you with what you need.

Costs to you could well be lower with this new system too.

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