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	Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners, Carbon
County, State of Utah, will hold a Regular Public Meeting in the
Commission Room of the Courthouse Building, 120 East Main, Price,
Utah, Commencing at 4:30 PM, on Wednesday July 17, 2013.


	1)	Approval of Minutes

	2)	Consideration and possible approval of Professional Consulting 
		Services Agreement with Better City for market research and 
		redevelopment planning for current courthouse building - J. Potter

	3)	Home Town Mud Racers Association Contract for the Carbon 
		County Mud Drags during the Carbon County Fair - 
		Rhonda Peterson

	4)	Review and possible adoption of State Cooperative Agreement 
		for 911 Dispatch - S. Oveson

	5)	Review and possible adoption of Interlocal Agreement 
		Governing the Allocation of the Expenses of the Price 
		Communication Center (911 Dispatch) - S. Oveson

	6)	Consideration and possible approval of sale of ambulance 
		department surplus property and contract for sale of property 
		- S. Oveson/C. Bryner

	7)	Consideration and possible approval of Ordinance No. 456, setting 
		a fee schedule for the disposal of tires at the Carbon County 
		Landfill, and forbidding the use of roll-off dumpsters at the Carbon

		County Landfill -  C. Bryner

	8)	Consideration and possible approval of an intergovernmental 
		agreement with the Utah Department of Corrections for inmate 
		placement at the Carbon County Jail - C. Bryner

	9)	Possible Closed Session to discuss potential litigation, 
		personnel matters or the purchase, exchange, or lease of real 
		property. (UCA 52-4-2(1)(a)(c) and (d).

	In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons
needing auxiliary services for these meetings should call the Carbon
County Commission Office at (435)636-3226 at least 24 hours prior to

Seth Oveson, County Clerk/Auditor
Published in the Sun Advocate July 16, 2013.

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