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Price wants to recruit a 'Pool of Volunteers'

Sun Advocate reporter

Community volunteers can be the lifeblood of a place like Price City. That's the thought of the Price City council, as council members and city staff work on compiling a pool of volunteers that can help in times of need.

When representatives from the Price Chapel went to a Price City Council meeting two months ago asking what they could do to help out around the area, city staff said they would look into what could be done. A short time later, the Price Chapel began working on areas along the Price River Trail, helping water plants throughout the summer months.

With the work being done by the Price Chapel, the city is hoping that the pool of volunteers will help out, especially in situations when the city is unable to do so.

Gary Sonntag, Price City Public Works director, said the city receives calls from residents asking for help with a variety of problems including cleaning out gutters, mowing large weeds, shoveling snow in the winter and much more. However, due to the amount of work for city crews throughout the year, Sonntag said the city is not able to help out in every situation. That's why the pool of volunteers can be a huge help to the city and its residents, he said.

"I've had people call and ask for help and we (Price City) just can't get out there to do that," said Sonntag."So we thought, why not work on a list of people and groups we could draw on to help out in the community."

For example, homeowners and businesses are required to clear snow off the sidewalks in front of their buildings to keep the public right of way cleared, Sonntag said noting that clearing the public right of way is a resident's responsibility. Some residents, including the elderly, may not have the ability to do that themselves. While the city may not be able to help out in a situation like that, a group from the pool of volunteers could be contacted to go out and help the homeowner.

"If a resident is unable to do that (shoveling snow), then this pool of volunteers we're collecting could become a resource to help out," he said.

To join the list of volunteers, contact the Price City Public Works Department at 637-5010 and ask to be placed in the pool of volunteers.

"We believe this can become a popular idea," said Sonntag.

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