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Letters to the Editor

By Ken Pitts
Spring Glen

Liberals and "facts"

I thought it most interesting to read a letter to the editor on June 4 (Sun Advocate) called "Liberals don't use facts."

It also seems that the verbosity of Mr. Richardson's once a month letters take up the better part of a page of print.

The instructions from the Sun Advocate (concerning letters) calls for not more than 350 words. But he seems more comfortable with 600 or so.

As far as gun control goes he says "Liberals don't use facts." According to Pero Research, 88 percent of the people, including conservatives, want background checks on all people buying guns. Congress and his fellow Republicans totally ignore the wishes of the people.

Mr. Richardson states that "Shooters who have perpetrated the mass murders are liberals." It was on the news, he said.

From my point of view "that news" came from the infamous "Fox News" where half their news is (if they can't find a source) is made up.

Liberal Franklin D. Roosevelt passed Social Security.

I wonder if Mr. Richardson benefits from that act?

Lyndon Johnson passed the Equal Rights Act and more importantly Medicare for the elderly.

Is Mr. Richardson against that?

Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower at least put people to work building our trans-continental highway system.

John F. Kennedy put us on the moon.

George W. Bush put us into Iraq with 4,000 soldiers killed and that country is no better off today than before we went there.

Most liberals go to bat for the poor. Most conservatives represent the rich and privileged people. If one doesn't believe that just look at the Utah State Legislature.

We might be losing our country, but if we are it's because of poor funding of schools and worn out infrastructure, which conservatives oppose fixing.

Looks like the only thing Mr. Richardson and I have in common is that we both live in Spring Glen.

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