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An old friend gets a new look, TOTAL COLOR

Sun Advocate publisher Richard Shaw, center, stands with Standard Examiner executives Bart Wade and Vaughn Jacobsen in front of the three-story-tall press in Ogden.

Sun Advocate publisher

As our readers look through today's paper, they will see a big difference, something that has never before been done in the Sun Advocate.

The paper is now in a full color format.

Let me explain what that means to those of us who produce the paper, and you, our reader.

In the past our printer was only capable of printing color on the outside pages of the paper as well as on the inside front and back. That meant when advertisers wanted color ads we had to place them on those pages. That meant stacking color ads deep on those pages, thus eliminating some of the wonderful photography our staff produces in a color format.

Now that has changed. After honoring our commitments to our previous printer, we are now able to print at the Ogden Standard-Examiner, where color throughout is offered.

Color pages cost more to produce than black and white pages do, but we knew a long time ago that is what our community paper needed.

So with this issue of the Sun Advocate our format will be full color. That doesn't mean every ad in the paper will be color, because some advertisers choose not to use color. It also doesn't mean that every photo in the paper will be in color, but most will. Some photos come to us in a black and white format, especially photos of past events, so we can't do anything about that.

But for the most part there will be color, glorious color on each page of our paper from now on.

In the past few years the Sun Advocate has taken some large steps to become the paper you want to read. We have increased the professionalism of our writing and photography staff, have produced glossy covered specials that have been printed in full color, and have in the last decade produced the most widely-read news website in southeastern Utah.

This is just another step in our evolution, one that will be supplemented by other steps coming later this summer as well.

Thanks for reading the Sun Advocate and our other publications. We are proud of our community and all it has to offer. And we want to continue to be your community newspaper, one you can be proud of, too.

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