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Scam or not? Letter says its service unnecessary, asks for money anyway

Sun Advocate reporter

State agencies like the Attorney General's Office and the Consumer Protection Agency work to protect Utah citizens from an onslaught of varied and complex scams. However, labeling a business venture as a scam, flimflam, hustle or sting can be an irreversibly damaging legal minefield. For that reason, categorizing a recent mailing sent to many businesses in Carbon and Emery County by Corporate Records Service (CRS) is anything but cut and dry.

The official looking mailing asks that businesses, "Submit the Annual Minutes Form together with the payment for preparation of documents to satisfy the annual minutes requirement for your corporation. Submit payment form and $125.00 payable to Corporate Records Service."

While CRS clearly states that they are not a government agency, mentions of state law and a repeated July 3 deadline could be seen as misleading, according to United Way Board President Marvin Mutz, who alerted the Sun Advocate to this issue.

A search of the company online shows that many papers across the country have warned against CRS as a potential scam.

Their service in no way fulfills a company's corporate obligations with the state and no company is required to send this private company corporate or credit card information.

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