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Letter to the Editor: More responses please

By Rayette Jones


After our last letter to the editor in the Sun Advocate we did receive some responses to our plea for information about cancer in the community, but we feel we need more.

We are doing cancer research in the Price area from 100 East to 1100 East, Main Street to 900 North., but if you live outside this area you can also let us know.

Besides cancer in residents we are also looking at birth defects in children.

We need to know if you are a male or female, the area you live in and what kind of cancer you have or have had.

In the past we have been pushed aside and told to leave it alone. We would like to just have some answers as to why there is so much cancer in this area. Please help us in this fight to find out more.

You can respond to use by emailing us at or by going to our Facebook page at Carbon County Cancer Research.

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