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Big changes at Helper Junior HS: Mika Salas will take over as principal

Mika Salas, an alumna and former teacher at HJHS, says taking over as principal next year will be "like coming home."

Sun Advocate associate editor

Teaching school was originally not on the map of Mica Salas's career path.

She considered it only when a professor suggested teaching as an alternative to drafting, which she said didn't like as much as she though she would. So Salas, who had advanced her education through Helper Junior High School, Carbon High, Utah State University and then picked up a master's degree at University of Phoenix, gave it a try.

It turned out to be excellent advice from the professor. She discovered she loved teaching, and is now being promoted to principal at HJHS.

Salas said she found what she wanted to do, and that was to work at teaching junior high school students. "You get to see them come in as timid seventh graders and transform into young adults," she declared. "This is a critical time for young people."

Salas taught math at Helper for eight years, then spent the past three years as a math specialist at the Carbon School District office.

There are some challenges ahead for schools, not the least of which is technology. However, the objective is teaching remains the same. That is produce students who have the skills and confidence to be adaptive.

She said she'll count it as a success if students don't want to leave HJHS when it is time for the to move on the high school.

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