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Fundraisers for Brylee

Brylee Olsen

Throughout this spring the community has responded well to fund raisers for little Brylee Olsen, 3, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (that is infiltrating her brain stem) in March.

While the diagnosis is dire, the family hopes with the help of the community they can secure the money to keep her alive up to three more years.

"We are praying and expecting for a miracle?" the family said in a recent press release.

Two fundraisers this week will be held to forward that hope.

First is a "Movie Morning With Brylee" on Saturday at 11 a.m. Adults and children are encouraged to come and watch Brylee's favorite movie "Brave" with her on that day at the Price Theater in downtown Price. While there is no admission charge to watch the movie, movie goers are asked to donate $5 to the cause.

Second is a "Brylee in 5" golf tournament on Sunday. Team fees are $225 and reservations for the tournament can be made with the Carbon County Golf Course at 637-2388. All profits from the tournament will got to the Olsen family. Donations will also be accepted at the course that day. Prizes will be awarded.

Those who can't attend either event can also donate money to Brylee by going to any Wells Fargo Bank and putting money in under the name "Brylee in 5."

Interested parties can follow the events and family information on Facebook at "Brylee in 5" or follow her story on her blog at

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